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Dream Car Racing

Dream Car Racing Engineering-simulator allowing to build your own cars. Assemble your dream machine and participate in racing. In the beginning of the game you build a car from the details that are available and are provided to you. As soon as you pass several distances and perform tricks you will earn money which will give you possibility to buy best parts for your cars. Totally there are 10 elements, from which you can collect a vehicle: frame, wheels, engine, shock absorbers, chain, angle locks, angle dampers, air springs, drive, Wings. The game has several levels with different types of terrains and riding styles. You can also play in randomly generated levels. Assemble you dream bike with your bare hands and try to drive it through the whole track. If you manage to do this, you will be able to earn points on new parts. Once again: after passing distances and performing stunts you get a reward. Then you buy the best parts and improve your vehicle in every possible way. Thus, eventually you get fully upgraded bike. Evolve and open all the tracks. Your goal is to pass checkpoints and get as far as you can. Dream Car Racing - is a racing game with an emphasis on car designs. You have a huge selection of different parts and features at your disposal. Your biggest helper is your designing skill, use logic to successfully design a vehicle with an ideal center of gravity and a powerful engine to “shut down” each step, win the race. It's time to challenge your designing skills. Control of the game Dream Car Racing: Arrow keys – movement, Space - Acceleration, mouse to adjust the car. Breathtaking racing cars, varieties of great levels, abrupt maneuvers are waiting for you. Enjoy the game!

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